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Russell Jones’ Spaces of Their Own is a much more outré affair. There are elements of the playfulness of Edwin Morgan’s space and concrete poems ... on a few occasions I was convinced this was more than outer-space fun and games.
Gutter Magazine (no12)

This little chap book of 12 SF poems is a gem ... astonishing variety ... crazy, difficult and wonderful concepts

Diane Severson Mori, Amazing Stories   Read the review

Russell Jones takes the reader on a journey through computer technology, shaped poetry and a creative logic of tomorrow. A specialist genre expressed brilliantly.
Les Merton, Poetry Cornwall
It’s no surprise that the mind who could craft such a fine collection [Where Rockets Burn Through] could also do so well with SF poems of his own ... a take-your-breath-away quality of very fine poems
John Johnson, Star*Line  Read the review

Jones writes about Science Fiction as other people write about love, loss or flowers, confident that these are genuinely inspirational topics ... there is much wit and insight into the human condition

Andy Jackson, Dundee University Review of Arts   Read the review

An elegant, even beautiful simplicity that permits emotion without ever losing control or restraint of its expression

Steve Sneyd, Data Dump 194

Weird, engaging, challenging.
Theresa Munoz, Scottish Review of Books    Read the review

Russell Jones has produced some really good SF poetry here. Highly recommended.
DJ Tyler, Atlantean Publishing    Read the review

Surprising and welcoming ... at times delicate and soft like a tissue, at times rougher and coarser like a good old hemp cloth
Dr Jaques Coulardeau    Read the review

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