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Russell Jones is an Edinburgh-based writer and editor. He is the author of four published collections of poetry: The Green Dress Whose Girl is Sleeping (Freight Books, 2015), “Our Terraced Hum” (in Caboodle, Prole Books, 2015), "Spaces of Their Own" (Stewed Rhubarb Press, 2013)  and "The Last Refuge" (Forest Publications, 2009). He is the poetry editor and assistant editor at Shoreline of Infinity, a Scottish science fiction magazine, is the editor of "Where Rockets Burn Through: Contemporary Science Fiction Poems from the UK" (Penned in the Margins, 2012) and was a guest editor for The Interdisciplinary Science Reviews. Russell's poems have been widely published internationally, winning recognition in awards and competitions including The Best Scottish Poems 2013, The Eric Gregory Award, The Venture Award for Poetry and the Bridport Prize. He has a PhD in Creative Writing from Edinburgh University and has published on the poetry of Edwin Morgan. Russell’s has also published travel writing and is currently working on writing novels for young adults.  He can be followed at www.poetrusselljones.blogspot.com

Russell has taught Scottish Literature and Creative Writing at The University of Edinburgh, The City of Edinburgh Council and the Scottish Universities’ International Summer School (2009 to present).

A more complete list of Russell’s publications and awards can be seen below.

Current positions:
- Freelance writer
            Scottish Universities’ International Summer School Tutor (Creative Writing)
            - Assistant Editor, Poetry Editor (“Shoreline of Infinity”)

Previous positions:
- Postgraduate Tutorial Assistant, Edinburgh University (Scottish Literature, 2009-2011)
            - Scottish Universities’ International Summer School Tutor (Scottish Literature, 2009 - 2012)
- City of Edinburgh Council Adult Education Tutor (Creative Writing, Modern Scottish Literature, 2010-2011)
- Learning Support, Wester Hailes Education Centre (2009 – 2013)


Poetry collections

The Green Dress Whose Girl is Sleeping (Freight Books, 2015).

“Our Terraced Hum” (in Caboodle, Prole Books, 2015).

“Spaces of Their Own” (Stewed Rhubarb Press, 2013).

“The Last Refuge” (Forest Press, 2009).

Poetry publications as Editor

Where Rockets Burn Through: Contemporary Science Fiction Poems From the UK (Penned in the Margins, 2012).

Colin McGuire, Everybody lie down and no one gets hurt (Red Squirrel Press, 2013).

Colin McGuire, As I Sit Quietly, I Begin to Smell Burning (Red Squirrel Press, 2014).

Other publications as Editor

Shoreline of Infinity – Issue 1 (Jun 2015)
Shoreline of Infinity – Issue 2 (Nov 2015)


Forum Postgraduate Journal, August 2009 – “Voices and Translations in Edwin Morgan’s Science Fiction Poetry” http://forum.llc.ed.ac.uk/archive/09/RussellJones.pdf

Interview with Edwin Morgan, The Edinburgh Review vol.138 “What Light Remains” (Sep 2013)

Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, Vol 39, Iss 1, “Poetries and Sciences in the 21st Century” (editor) March 2014. http://isr-journal.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/interdisciplinary-science-reviews-391.html

Creative work also published in (oldest to most recent):
The World’s Changing Faces
BBC Get Writing Anthology 2005
Citizen 32 “homeless” issue
Sentinal poetry magazine, may 05
The voice (multiple)
The drum (multiple)
Jabberwocky x2 (winter, spring)
Golden hour book (2007) - “Ness”, “Craftwork”, “Barracuda”, “Ghost Ship”
V: New International Writing from Edinburgh (2007) - “The Illusionist”, “Blue Planet”, “Storm Break”
Read This, issues 5/9
BBC Writer's Dock children's book
Platform Magazine, Nottingham
Earth Love (issue 29, November 2008 and issue 30)
Equinox (sep 08 and mar 09)
First time Magazine (issue 55, 56 – March 2009)
Fire (issue 32, winter 09/10)
Scintilla 13 (spring 2009)
Salopoet (December 2008, June 09)
Frogmore Papers (iss 74, September 09)
This Collection (film project 2009)
Carillon magazine (23, march 09, issue 24 june 09)
Southbank centre online www.poetrymagazines.org.uk (equinox electronic form) (2009)
Golden Hour Book 2 (Sep 09) - “The Electric”, “How to Kill a Blackbird”, “B.1984”
Aesthetica magazine (Dec 09)
Danse Macabre XXX – (Dec 09)
Newleaf 26 (jan 2010) and 27 (late 2010)
United Press, Poetry in Motion (2010)
Forward press ‘one in a million’ anthology – 2010
Cleaves 2 (april 2010) cleavesjournal.com
Therustykey.com (article on Roald Dahl, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Mr Men, Animals in Children’s Literature, Children’s books to Reread as an Adult, 2010-2011)
Freelance Market News – 2010
Swiss Lounge Productions (Edwin Morgan Tribute) – dec 2010
Eunoia (online journal, Jan 2011) - “Body Rub”, “Sum Total”
PublishED (1st edition, nov 2010) (2nd edition, feb 2011)
NOMAD magazine – march 2011
“poetry beyond text – Chinese whispers” exhibition, Dundee Centre for Contemporary Art (March 2011) - “Lights”, “Husk and Web”
Venture Award Website (2011) – “Study Siblings”
Theguidebook – alpha 2011 edition
Understanding (Dionysia Press) –2011
Genomics Network website (2011) - “Chromosome Medley”
Scottish Poetry Library Website (2012) - “Chromosome Medley”
Wigtown poetry competition 2012 site, “Barracuda” http://www.wigtownbookfestival.com/poetrycomp/
Drey 4 – “Heading to the Corner Shop on a Winter’s Day”, “The Flat Opposite” – (2012)
Exploration (feb 2012 to ) – “Indian Winter” articles http://www.exploration-online.co.uk/
Inkwell, issue V (March 2012) – “The Ant Swap”
Cambridge Library “Poem a Day” booklet 2012 (March 2012) and online with audio http://www.cambridgelibraries.ca/poetrydisp?ID=181&Year=2012– “The Elephant Wash”
New Writing Scotland: 30 (2012) - “Down on the Beach”, “The Flat Opposite”
The Istanbul Review (2012) - “God Has Still Not Appeared to the Birds”
KaffeeKlatsch (2013) – “Night Camp”
Octavius Issue 2 (2013) – “Last Stop”, “Sum Total”
In on The Tide (Dunbar Wee Festival of Words, 2013) – “Request”
Harbour (Dunbar Wee Festival of Words, 2013) – “Old Man of the Sea”
And Other Poems (2013) – “Old Man of the Sea”
The Scotsman (3 Aug 2013) – “Blue Planet”
Open Mouse (November 14, 2013) – “The First Kiss”
Deep Water Literary Journal (Feb 2014, Iss 1) - “How to Kill a Blackbird” and “Towers”
Yellerzine (Wanderlust edition, 2014) - “Communal”
Amazing Stories (March 2014) - “After the Moons” (audio and print)
Poetry Planet: Animals and Creatures (2014) – “The Ant Swap”
Star*Line (Iss 37.2 – spring 2014) – “To His Coy Dalek / How to Reconcile”
Best Scottish Poems 2013(April 2014)  - “The Ant Swap”  http://www.scottishpoetrylibrary.org.uk/poetry/poems/ant-swap
Double Bill (2014) – “Judge Dredd”
Gutter 11 (August 2014) – “Kingfisher”
Dactyl Iss 2 (Aug 2014) – “Horologium”
Be The First to Like This (Vagabond Voices due 2014) - “The Flat Opposite”, “Breathing Space”, “After the Moons” (poems also recorded and published online as videos)
Rhysling Anthology 2014 – “After the Moons”
Edinburgh Review (iss140, 2014) – “Body Rub”, “Lament for a Lost Son”, “Salvage Crew”, “Apparition in a Storm”
The Lumen (Mar 2015) – “On Her Return From Afghanistan”
The Scotsman (March 21, 2015) – “Basement Beneath the Corner Shop”
Valve Journal (iss 4, April 2015) – “Love Story”, “Representation: Final Agony, Final Victory”
Prole 17 (Aug 2015) – “Apologies to My Body”, “Last Stop”
Human Journal (iss. 5, Aug 2015) – “Heading to the Corner Shop on a Winter’s Day”
Gutter 13 (Aug 2015) – “A Sleep”
Emma Press Anthology of Age (sept.2015) – “Remembrance”, “Outside the Pub, Hurricane Bawbag”
Revenant Iss 2 (2015) – “Open Window: Toilet Room Suicide”, “My Secrets as a God”, “Crossing Over”
Over the Line, Comic Poems (Sept 2015) – “Whatever Happened to the Blue Whale in 2302AD?” (in collaboration with Edward Ross)

Writing prizes

The Elgin Award 2015 – short listed collection, “Spaces of Their Own”

9th Annual Data Dump Award – winner

Best Scottish Poems 2013

The Elgin Award 2014 – short listed collection, “Spaces of Their Own”

Rhysling Award (poems published 2013) – long listed

Cinnamon Press Poetry Competition 2013 – Long listed collection

Dunbar Wee Festival of Words Writing Competition 2013 (“In on the Tide” and “Harbour” competitions) – Joint winner

Craigmillar Writing Contest 2012 – winner

Cambridge Public Library’s “Poem a Day” contest 2012 – joint winner 

Venture Award for Poetry 2011 – Short listed collection ("Our Terraced Hum")

Plough Prize 2011 – short listed, short poems

Plough Prize 2011 – long listed, short poems

Wigtown Poetry Competition 2011 – commended

Genomics Forum International Poetry Competitions 2011 (Improving the Human) – 3rd 

The Writer’s Bureau Poetry Competition 2010 – 3rd

Bridport Prize 2009 – Short list 

Aesthetica International Annual Creative Works Competition 2009 – highly commended

Carillons Open Poetry Competition (2008) – 4th 

Plough Poetry Prize 2008 – commended 

Bridport Prize 2008 – shortlisted

Salopian Poetry Society Competition 2008 – runner up 

Scintilla Poetry Competition 2008 – 3rd place

Eric Gregory Award (2007) – shortlisted collection (Barracuda)

Bridport Prize (2007) – shortlisted

Grierson Verse Prize (2007) – winner

Conferences and talks given (oldest to most recent):

‘Happy Robots: Technologies and Utopias in Edwin Morgan’s Science Fiction Poetry’ (Edinburgh University, November 2009).

‘Edwin Morgan’s Science Fictions’ for ESRC Genomics with panel Ken MacLeod, Ryan Ran Winkle, Ron Butlin, Brian McCabe, Tracey Rosernberg, Kelly Swaine (Edinburgh’s Scottish Poetry Library, January 2010).

‘A Home in Space: Teleportation and Space Exploration in Edwin Morgan’s Science Fiction Poetry’ (British Society for Literature and Science 10th conference, Northumberland University, Newcastle, April 2010).

‘Off Concrete Stars: Edwin Morgan, Concrete Poetry and Science Fiction’ (‘Broken Images / Fractured Words’ conference, Lancaster University, Lancaster, June 2010).

‘ Happy Robots: Technologies and Utopias in Edwin Morgan’s Science Fiction Poetry’ (‘21st Century Writing’ conference, Lincoln University, July 2010).

‘Planet Wave: A Starry Introduction to the Science Fiction Poetry of Edwin Morgan’ (EUSA Postgraduate Interdisciplinary conference, Edinburgh University, February 2011).

‘Virtual and Other Realities: Parallel Worlds and Parallel Lives in Edwin Morgan’s Science Fiction Poetry’ (Edinburgh University, February 2011).

Podcast for the Scottish Poetry Library, “Edwin Morgan and Science Fiction poetry” with Ryan Van Winkle (recorded March 2011, broadcast April 13th 2011).

‘Desert Island Poets’ – Ryan Van Winkle, Peggy Hughes, Harry Giles and Russell Jones, readings and talks on favourite poets (Edinburgh Library, April 2011).

‘Focus Left’ live reading of Edwin Morgan’s ‘In Sobieski’s Shield’ to Dan Warren’s short movie (The Arches, Glasgow, 24 May 2011).

Podcast for Napier University, Introduction to Science Fiction Poetry with a reading by Ken MacLeod (Blackwells, Edinburgh, 29 November 2012).

Rockets for Edwin Morgan (Scottish Poetry Library, 26 April 2013).

“Technophilia: Dreaming Techologies and Technological Dreams”, part of the Christopher Orr exhibition (Talbot Rice Gallery, 24th November 2014).

Book reviews

“Opening the Ambulance Box: Andrew Phillips' The Ambulance Box” on www.poetrusselljones.blogspot.com

“A Home Run? Willis Barnstone’s Stickball on 88th Street“, The Istanbul Review, Issue 1(2012)

Separating the Pieces: The Cento, A Collection of Collage Poems edited by Theresa Malphrus Welford”, The Istanbul Review, Issue 1 (2012)

“Evenlode: Charles Bennett”, Elsewhere, (September 2013)

“This is Yarrow: Tara Bergin”, Elsewhere (October 2013)

“Muscovy: Matthew Francis”, Elsewhere (December 2013)

“Leaf Graffiti: Lucy Burnett”, Elsewhere (March 2014)

“Locust and Marlin: JL Williams” (March 2014) on www.poetrusselljones.blogspot.com
“Professor Heger's Daughter: Chrissie Gittins”, Elsewhere (April 2014)

“The Importance of Manners: HG Watt”, Blogpost (April 2015)

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